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Applying for Grubstake - Written Application:

Can I apply if I'm not a Gates Institute member?
Nonmembers can apply. For shortlisted applicants, membership is required by the time of funding. Membership is free and will also provide exclusive access to follow-up funding opportunities and resources to support your technologies. Please apply to be a member here.

Can I apply for a Grubstake Award if I am at a non-profit institution other than CU Anschutz?
Scientists at non-profit Colorado academic institutions other than CU Anschutz may apply, but an affiliation with CU Anschutz is preferred. Examples of an affiliation include working with Gates Biomanufacturing Facility, Gates Institute cores, or CU Anschutz collaborators.

Are research instructors eligible to apply?
Yes, please inquire with our Grubstake Planning Committee for more information.

Can I apply if I have a startup associated with my proposed technology?
Having a startup (to which the technology is optioned or licensed to the startup or anticipated) does not disqualify a scientist from receiving a Grubstake award. If funded, the award will be directed toward the non-profit institution associated with the technology, and not to the startup. Award considerations will include the funding status of the startup.

Can I include overhead in my budget submission?
No. Grubstake awards do not cover overhead or indirect costs and should not be included in the budget request.

I already received a Grubstake award. Can I apply again for a different project?
Yes. Applicants who have received an award for one project can apply for a different project (e.g., same therapeutic, different formulation and indication).

Can awardees apply for additional funding for their original project?
Yes. Previously funded projects that have made considerable progress and need additional funding to achieve a significant inflection point are eligible for Gates Grubstake second tranche funding.

If I have applied previously and not received an award, can I re-apply for the same project in the future?
Yes. Applicants are encouraged to incorporate feedback and reapply in a later year.

I have limited experience evaluating the market for my technology. Are there any resources available to help me with this?
You may contact our Grubstake Planning Committee to perform a market analysis.

Is there a matching requirement?

Applying for Grubstake - Presentation:

What is the presentation format?
A template will be provided to create a pitch deck. Presenters will have 10 minutes to deliver a pitch using the deck. After the presentation, judges are given 15 minutes to ask questions.

Who will be the presentation audience?
The Grubstake application reviewers will be present as judges and will be joined by representatives from Gates Institute and CU Innovations. Gates Institute and CU Innovations participants are present in a consultation capacity to aid the judges' decisions.

Who are the judges of the Grubstake applications?
Judges with responsibility for review and funding recommendations include a combination of private equity investors, PhD level academic scientists, patent lawyers, and biotech/pharma entrepreneurs and executives.

How much does the presentation weigh on the final award decision?
The presentation will determine which shortlisted applicants receive a Grubstake Award.

I don't have much experience with business oriented presentations. Will I be provided any professional support for this?
CU Innovations will schedule practice pitch talks with applicants and provide them with feedback.

Some budget and personnel details have changed in the time between the written application due date and the presentation date. Is it possible to update the presentation to reflect these changes?
Yes. Please include the most accurate and up-to-date information on your project in your pitch.

After Being Awarded Grubstake:

How do I receive my Grubstake funding?
Gates Institute will distribute funding in early 2024. A speedtype and budget for the award amount will be set up for the awardee to spend against. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Joleen.Bohnen@cuanschutz.edu.

Are there limitations on how Grubstake Award funds can be spent?
Yes. Funds must be spent in a manner best aligned with achieving agreed milestones. This can include funding for project development as well as regulatory advice.

Is there anything else I need to do after becoming a Grubstake Awardee?
We require Grubstake awardees to provide an annual report detailing the progress of their project and additional follow-on funding associated with the project.